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Welcome to Foto-Group Online Gallery! We are a community of photographers who joined together to present their best work on-line. Our group currently consists of 4 members. The browsable and searchable image bank is frequently updated with new photographs and now contains 34 pictures. Most of the images are available as prints and high resolution TIFF/JPEG files for commercial image licencing.

Category # Last addition
People (candid, humor, glamour...) 4 Apr 07, 2005
Nature 18 Mar 10, 2005
Animals 3 Jul 08, 2005
Plants 1 Feb 20, 2002
Landscape 11 Apr 01, 2006
Category # Last addition
Urban and industrial landscape, human habitat 4 Feb 20, 2002
Travel 1 Mar 31, 2004
Adventure 5 Aug 07, 2005
Sport 1 Feb 08, 2004
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